Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Spare Parts is more than arts activities.
Any organization can do that.


But EVERY organization needs a permanent home. Help us put roots in the ground so we can continue to branch out and serve you! MAKE A TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION TODAY.

Through creativity, Spare Parts makes our community healthier and smarter. How? We teach you our reuse MacGyver skills (Google him if necessary). For example, we show you and kids how to creatively repurpose things headed for the trash bin into something un-toss-able. In turn, money is saved plus stuff is kept from living forever in a landfill.

MISSION: To advance reuse education through the arts.

CORE VALUES: To support cultural and environmental sustainability; to provide affordability and accessibility to the arts; to offer community education; and to foster creativity, green-style.

VISION: To increase reuse practices. Through programing, education and physical development, Spare Parts empowers citizens to reduce landfill tonnage through reuse and environmental accountability.