10 Creative Ways to Reuse with a Laser Cutter

10 Creative Reuse Ideas for Laser Cutting


If you thought creative reuse couldn’t be hi-tech, think again! This is Amy from Maker Mama back with 10 ways to reuse with a laser cutter. Don’t have access to a laser cutter? Well you’re in luck, because local hackerspace, 10BitWorks, is raising funds to bring one to their space–and if you donate at the Maker Track level, you can use it, too! Now on to all the awesome things you can create with this snazzy tool:


1. Laser Engraved Recycled Notebook

Put your scrap wood to use as a a notebook with a fancy cover.


 2. Turn old mirrors into pretty Mirrored Feathers.


 3. Cork State Wall Art

Cut out your favorite state and color them up with your enormous cork stash.


 4. Cardboard Desk Lamp

Step-by-step tutorial on how to design and create your own desk lamp with cardboard (and how to have the cool desk at work).



5. Record Clock

Turn a thrifted record into a work of art–and smile in delight whenever you check the time!


 6. Wear your laser-cutting skills on your sleeve with a Laser Cut T-Shirt.


 7. Decorate your space on the cheap with a Cardboard Chandelier.


8. Turn your recycled material of choice into custom-cut Business Cards


 9. Use some thin cardboard and a little bit of paint to be the best kids-gift-giver ever with your own Shadow Puppets.

wine glasses

10. And kick back after a long day of making awesome laser-cut things with a cool drink from your Laser Engraved Recycled Wine Glasses.

I’m amazed at all the possibilities a laser cutter brings and am checking out 10BitWorks’ fundraising campaign now! What would you make if you had access to this amazing machine?

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