Almost there! 2 more groups needed!

Trash is failure of imagination. A. Kramer

Guess what? We need 2 more artist collectives, youth organizations, nonprofits, service groups or arts organizations to participate in March 10’s Pie to the People 2.

Join Artpace San Antonio, Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, The Escuela Project: Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, San Anto Cultural Arts, Southwest School of Art, S.M.A.R.T., Urban Connection-San Antonio & VIA Metropolitan Transit in Pie to the People 2!

10 Art on the Spot Competition participating schools: Bonham Academy, Burbank High School, Fox Tech High School, Harlandale Middle School, Highlands High School, Nimitz Middle School, Page Middle School, Regency Place Elementary, St. Paul Catholic School & The San Antonio School for Inquiry & Creativity.

Their words:
“I would like our students to experience a fast-paced environmentally friendly creativity challenge. In addition, the community participation aspect, is a wonderful experience for them. This event will be a lasting positive memory of school and I hope it motivates each student to come to school and do well every day.” –Fox Tech High School

“I would like to have my group participate because I would like to show them different methods for making art, different materials used, and the fact that I am not the only teacher that makes crazy stuff with recycled materials! They would also benefit from seeing other peers as artists, as well as more seasoned artists working.” –Harlandale Middle School

“I’m always looking for new and exciting way to involve my students in the art community. Giving them the opportunity to see different ways art is expressed and challenge them to express their own creativity.” –Page Middle School

“I would like for our students in this club to be exposed to an event like this so that they will appreciate even more the creativity of repurposing materials to create art. I believe this would be a wonderful experience for our students as well as a GREAT way to kick-off Spring Break!” –St. Paul School

Call_For_ArtsOrgs_Pie2thePeople2_2012_FRIDAY DEADLINE
If you know of anyone who would be interested, please forward this information along. Our deadline to find 2 more groups is THIS FRIDAY, February 24. At that point we’ll match groups/orgs. with schools.