Great minds…

At the beginning of the school year, spare parts received this email from Jack Englehardt, Alamo Heights Junior School 8th grader.

To The esteemed members of the Spare Parts Organization-
 At the beginning of the summer, for a confirmation service project within St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, I decided to create a summer-long program, known as Operation PASTEL (Provide art Supplies for Educational Landscapes). The program aimed to collect seemingly useless bi-products from residents and businesses, and then donate them to underfunded art programs, as fun, crafty, repurposed materials….Despite our work throughout the summer, our donation was, to our surprise, turned down by their art teacher, leaving us with little time to find another solution. As we searched, we discovered Spare Parts, which seemed to be, in many ways, exactly like what we were doing, except at a much larger scale. Therefore, We would be honored to donate our supplies to Spare Parts, as we know you will find success where we didn’t….    – Jack Englehardt

We couldn’t have said it better, Jack. Thank you for your commitment to environmental responsibility through the arts. Your donation is invaluable to the classrooms it reached.