Guest Post: It’s Donation Time-An Essay in Photographs

For weeks, I have been collecting paper rolls. Yes, I am that weird lady. I’ve gathered thirteen rolls, and now it’s time to donate them (you can only pretend to be “Crazy Toilet Roll Fingers Man” so many times before it’s just not funny anymore). In fact, here are some artsy ideas for reusing paper rolls!

So I loaded them up and headed over to spare parts (donation times are available here). The Guadalupe Gallery of the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center is located west of downtown, in a neighborhood bursting with vibrant colors, murals, and good food. If you’re coming from downtown, or from I-35, you will definitely cross over this bridge.

The Guadalupe! Turn right at the light when you see this (if you’re coming from the East).

If you’re new to donating, or if you’ve never been to the Guadalupe Gallery, it can be a little bit tricky to find. When you’re at the light at Brazos and Guadalupe (see picture above), make a right.

Within half a block you’ll see a bright pink building with blue and purple tile. Turn left into the parking lot, and you’re there! A spare parts sign will be outside of the building, and happy people will be inside to accept all the goodies you brought.

You will probably also smell delicious, sugary treats wafting about in the air, courtesy of the bakery across the street. This bakery might just be another reason to visit us!

Once inside the gallery space, I knew my donation would feel at home. Next to a container of really tall, sturdy paper tubes (a donation from a local architecture firm) sits an enormous box of paper rolls. The thirteen I brought plunked happily into the container. They’re just waiting to be snapped up by a creative teacher.

It’s donation time. For a list of items spare parts accepts, please see our donation guide. If you have any further questions, please email sparepartstudio (at) gmail (dot) com.

Adrienne Teeley is a spare parts intern. Learn more about her here!