Guest Post: Teacher Profile-Carla Berryman, St. Paul 4th Grade Teacher

Carla Berryman* is a 4th grade teacher at St. Paul Catholic School and sponsors the after school Art Club.

ME: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Carla: “What can I tell you, my name is Carla Berryman; I have been a wife for almost 24 years to Michael Berryman and a mother to Logan (21) and Gunner (17).  I have known that I wanted to teach ever since middle school…”

ME: How did you did you develop an interest in art/education?

Carla:”I studied at EKU, Eastern Kentucky University and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education.  I also took several art classes, so many that I was one oil painting class away from a double major; but back then they wouldn’t recognize a double major and setting up for an oil painting class was not going to friendly towards my college budget!  My Texas certification is EC-4th grade.  I have been a 4th grade teacher at St. Paul, soon to start my 12th year.”

ME: How did you begin sponsoring the St. Paul Art Club?

Carla:”I became the untitled Art Club supervisor because of my love for art and knowing how important a creative release is for children…”

ME: How have you integrated spare parts into your classroom?

Carla: “In my class I use the spare parts‘ mind set of “what we have is all we need”…In my [class]room, art and creativity is all around, it just is.”

ME: Specifically could you tell us how you have used materials from last year’s spare parts Teacher Fair in your classroom?

Carla: “The fabrics that I picked up from the last teacher give-away have been used on bulletin boards instead of paper.  Students have used the colored “sticky paper” to help with a decorative touch on Social Studies poster presentations.  Scissors and pencils, you would not believe how many pairs of scissors fourth graders require…”

So lets get some more pencils, scissors, and fabric donations turned in!

Please remember spare parts is accepting donations until August 4th. (That’s also the date we will be having a donation drive with the help of Texas Public Radio!)

If you would like to donate or learn more about our project visit the spare parts crew at the Guadalupe Gallery and lets inspire some young minds to think outside the box. We hope to see you soon because time is running out! See our calendar for the schedule.

Monico O. Vitela is a spare parts intern. Learn more about him here!

*Berryman participated in the 2011 spare parts Teacher Fair last year, she also sponsors The St. Paul after school Art Club which participated and WON at the Art on the Spot Competition in Pie to the People 2 on May 5, 2012.