Guest Post: Teacher Profile-Kara Salinas, Highlands High School Art Teacher

Kara Salinas* is an art teacher and sponsors the National Art Honor Society at Highlands High School. Salinas’ career in Arts Education was sparked through her creative pursuits and her degree in Architecture.

Salinas participated in the 2011 spare parts Teacher Fair last year, and was kind enough to take a moment to share her story.

ME: How did you begin practicing environmentally conscious art?

Kara: “… practicing environmentally-conscious art has arisen out of need. I teach for SAISD, and I have found my funding is sparse towards the purchase of classroom art supplies.”

ME: How would you describe participating in the spare parts Teacher Fair?

Kara: “…I remember a lot of heavy lifting, but I am glad I did grab large sheets of foam board because it made for perfect sculpting material…”

Salinas and her students really found inspiration this past school year–especially through sculpture. Her students had 2-week study in sculptures using art historical references and materials from spare parts.

Kara: “The students were required to research precedents, and then re-create or re-interpret the sculptures of their chosen artist…All in all it was a lot of fun for the students.”

Here a few images of the re-imagined works of art by Salinas’ students:

ME: One last question, do you have any items on your wish list for this year’s teacher fair?

Kara: “More large sheets of foam board and paper!”

So please remember spare parts is accepting donations until August 4th. (That’s also the date we will be having a donation drive with the help of Texas Public Radio!)

If you would like to donate or participate come and see us at the Guadalupe Gallery and lets inspire some young minds to think outside the box. We hope to see you soon!

Monico O. Vitela is a spare parts intern. Learn more about him here!

*The Highlands High School National Art Honor Society, sponsored by Salinas, also participated in Pie to the People 2 on May 5, 2012.