Proud to present spare parts’ summer interns!

Monico O. Vitela (top left), Marc Korinchock (top right), Adrienne Teeley (bottom left) & Brian Macias (bottom right)


Monico O. Vitela (top left)
Education: AAS, Fashion Design & Marketing-IADT (2009) – Currently enrolled at UT-San Antonio / BFA, Art
Dream Job: Teach Art & Art History at University Level
Hobbies: Art/Design, Cooking & Thrifting
Spare Parts: “We’ve received some interesting home decor pieces!”

Marc Korinchock (top right)
Education: BFA, Art-UT-San Antonio (2012)
Dream Job: Pixar Animator or Art Teacher
Hobbies: Thinking Creatively, Art Making & Basketball
Spare Parts: “All of these donations could have been trash. These supplies & materials would have been all thrown away. The most surprising donation so far would be the boxes of ILFORD photo paper (very expensive).”

Adrienne Teeley (bottom left)
Education: BA, Art History-Trinity Univ. (2012)
Dream Job: Gallery Curator or Literary Mag. Editor or Kristin Wiig’s BFFF (best f_ friend forever)
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Baking & Film
Spare Parts: “I came across files from a teacher. The teacher organized everything by lessons & holidays–very impressive.”

Brian Macias (bottom right)
Education: Currently enrolled at UT-San Antonio / BA, History
Dream Job: Work with Shamu
Hobbies: Pool, Swimming, Music, Religion, History, Politics & Art
Spare Parts: “I think the most interesting donation so far must be the deer hide. I imagine that a lumber jack came in & gave it to spare parts.”