Top 5 Creative Reuse Ideas: TP Rolls, Lids, and Maps, Oh My!

Hi, this is Amy, aka the Maker Mama, a crafty San Antonio mama of four. With the the Art on the Spot competition coming up at this weekend’s Pie to the People 2, I wanted to share my top five project picks for some of the materials the teams just might be using. I searched high and low across the web and found some awesome ideas for upcycling toilet paper rolls, plastic bottle caps, and old fashioned paper maps, check them out:


Toilet Roll Projects

 1. Toilet roll owls by el hada de papel   2. TP Wall Art by Just a Girl

3. TP anemone by erika g. 4. Toilet Roll Faces by Junior Fritz Jacquet

TP Diorama

  5. Toilet roll diorama by Anastassia Elias

The owls and wall art are two very simple yet creative projects, great for all ages. For more challenging projects, try your hand at molding faces, creating an anemone, or making a diorama inside your toilet roll.

Bottle Cap Projects

  1 & 2.  Bottle Cap Stool and Purse via Core77  3. Bottle Cap Frogs by Creative Jewish Mom

Bottle Cap Projects

  4. Bottle Camp Lantern via Espirit Cabane  5. Butterfly Mural by Michelle Stitzlein

Whether you have a mountain of saved bottle caps, or just a handful, these projects are equally fun. And a mural would make an especially colorful piece of public art.

Map Pendant

  1. Map Pendant by Paisley Sprouts

Recycled Map Projects

 2. Map Chair via Roddy&Ginger  3. Globe Garland via Poppytalk

4. Map Flower via Fancy Pants Weddings  5. Woven Map Basket via Craftzine

These map crafts are my favorite. Add some map circles to a paper lantern, decoupage your map onto a chair, fold some flowers, make a garland, or weave yourself a basket. And maps are perfect for just about any other paper craft.


So whether you’re competing this weekend, or crafting in your home or classroom, I hope these ideas get your creative juices flowing. Be sure to come out and enjoy all the creative use ideas (and free pie!) at Pie to the People 2 this Saturday from noon-11pm. And for more fun and crafty ideas, visit me at