Join the Spare Parts volunteer team! Read through the committee descriptions and contact our volunteer coordinator for more information. Laura Kraus’ email is: volunteer@sparepartssa.org. If you would like to be a general volunteer, perfect! Email Laura and we’ll be in touch. We also have opportunities for volunteer groups and students.


Communications Committee  

The Communications Committee serves as an advocate for Spare Parts’ mission, programs and activities through publicity and community awareness promotion efforts. Helping to craft the look and feel of the Spare Parts image to the public is the committee’s core focus. All efforts are guided by the programs, partnerships and initiatives created by Spare Parts. The Communications Committee is looking for volunteers with experience in writing, public relations, marketing, social media and a passion for nonprofits.


Finance Committee

The role of the Finance Committee is primarily to provide financial oversight for the organization. Some of the responsibilities include: overseeing the organization’s financial statements, and working with Spare Parts staff to create annual budgets for Board approval, produce reports and set long-range goals. The Finance Committee is looking for individuals with experience in accounting, bookkeeping and/or non-profit development.


Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee exists to ensure strategic fundraising for Spare Parts including: developing a specific fundraising target; researching different types of resources for fundraising; creating an actionable plan which includes the participation of all Board directors. The committee is looking for volunteers who like to work with creative fundraising ideas, and wish to support the mission of Spare Parts, “to advance reuse education through the arts.”


Mini Art Museum Advisory Committee

The Mini Art Museum (MAM) is an initiative of Spare Parts. MAM is a visual art institution for curated exhibitions of contemporary art by professional artists. Each exhibition includes art education curriculum facilitated by trained art educators, who use reuse art education to allow participants an equitable experience that can be practiced anywhere. MAM is installed at schools, public/private happenings and at educational events. MAM is looking for volunteers to help with setup and breakdown of this travelling museum; become trained docents/tour leaders; assist art educators with the art activity which accompanies each exhibit; offer insight into future exhibitions/program initiatives; and/or help maintain the Museum Gift Shop.


Spare Parts Shop Committee

Spare Parts  promotes creative reuse through monthly pop-ups. One goal of Spare Parts is to open a brick and mortar, creative reuse shop. Our pop-ups not only move us closer to our goal, they introduce our environmentally-friendly, preloved merchandise to the community. The Spare Parts Shop committee is looking for masters of DIY, wizards of reuse and folks with a flare for visual merchandising. In addition, we welcome creatives, artists, educators and crafters who would like to help others discover their creativity.


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer of the Friends of Spare Parts Board of Directors. The Executive Committee may convene to discuss, or act on items that do not require a meeting of the full Board. They may vote on changes to the By-laws or create and vote on policy. These items would then be presented to the full Board for approval. Email hello@sparepartssa.org to learn more about Friends of Spare Parts Board of Directors membership openings.


501(c)3 Committee

Spare Parts is in the process of completing and submitting the IRS form 1023 in order to become an approved 501(c)3 nonprofit. This committee is temporary and reports to the Friends of Spare Parts Board of Directors.

We advance reuse education through the arts.