San Antonio Current Feature: DIY Fiesta Flair with Spare Parts

Photos courtesy Bryan Rindfuss of San Antonio Current.
Photos courtesy Bryan Rindfuss of the San Antonio Current.

The spare parts creative reuse team got together at 10BitWorks Hackerspace to show off their festive side in honor of Fiesta San Antonio. This is just the tip of the sausage on a stick so check out more DIY creative reuse ideas featured by Bryan Rindfuss of the San Antonio Current you can incorporate into your party attire. May your Fiesta be fun, safe & eco friendly!

Here are more fiesta craft ideas courtesy Maker Mama!

Learn more about Fiesta in San Antonio. It’s a big deal. It’s even a school holiday.

¡Fiesta Verde! Top Ten Eco-Friendly Fiesta Crafts by Maker Mama

Fiesta is here, are you ready? Hi, this is Amy from, and I love this time of year in San Antonio. The piñatas, and papel picado, the music and parades, eleven days full of color and fun in our beautiful city. Earth Day is also this weekend, so Mary and I thought it would be a perfect time to share some eco-friendly Fiesta crafts to make the festivities even better. Here are my top ten Fiesta crafts using upcycled and recycled materials:

Diy Piñata and Papel Picado

1. Mini burro piñatas by Jordan of Oh Happy Day.  2. Reusable faux papel picados by Maker Mama

Fiesta Kids Crafts

3. Paper bark paintings via FamilyFun.  4. Bottlecap castanets via

5. Clothespin and coffee filter dancer via Kaboose. 6. Recycled plastic pot sombrero via First Pallette.

Fiesta wreath, luminaries, embossed foil heart, soda can medal

7. Egg carton flower wreath by Homemade Serenity  8. Tin can luminaries by Karen via Design Sponge

9. Embossed foil hearts by The Crafty Chica  10. Aluminum can fiesta medal by Celia Garza via San Antonio Express-News

I hope you’ve found some inspiration in making your Fiesta celebration a little greener this year. Be sure to visit Spare Parts at Our Lady of the Lake University’s Best of the West Fiesta event this Sunday (Earth Day!) for more fun and crafty ideas.

See you next time!