Save the Arts with Spare Parts: It’s about time we get a permanent space!


Over the past six years, Spare Parts has emerged in San Antonio as the leading resource for all things creatively reused or repurposed. Spare Parts activities extend from educational workshops & activities to innovative projects such as the MINI ART MUSEUM and Moving Painting, an artistic expression for Luminaria 2015. Spare Parts & the MINI ART MUSEUM has been in demand at city-wide events, schools & a collaborator in a plethora of projects addressing the environment, education & the art of creative reuse.

It’s time to make Spare Parts a full-time effort in San Antonio & we need your financial support TODAY. 

What We Need & What You Get

  • Our goal is to raise $6,000 by December 31, 2016 to kick off a campaign to create a community retail & education center that serves teachers, artists, creative families & supporters of reuse year round.
  • This campaign brings you special thank-you gifts from a hand-crafted note to your name  emblazoned on one of our Spare Parts workshop tables we’ll use to educate & inspire others to reuse through the arts. Check out our perks!
  • What if we don’t raise $6,000? We will continue to fundraise for 6 months rent & expenses to open a permanent space ($40,000 total).


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10 Creative Ways to Reuse with a Laser Cutter

10 Creative Reuse Ideas for Laser Cutting


If you thought creative reuse couldn’t be hi-tech, think again! This is Amy from Maker Mama back with 10 ways to reuse with a laser cutter. Don’t have access to a laser cutter? Well you’re in luck, because local hackerspace, 10BitWorks, is raising funds to bring one to their space–and if you donate at the Maker Track level, you can use it, too! Now on to all the awesome things you can create with this snazzy tool:

V.I.P. (Very Important Party) & Silent Auction Pictures!

V.I.P. pictures link - spare parts